MLULSP ANT Algorithm

This paper contains the result of 6 students work from the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart formerly known as Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart ( The mentor of this course was Prof. Dr. J. Homberger who manifested the requirements and fundamentals of this problem. The goal was to run a software development team where different people […]

BugWars – a Java worms-like clone

BugWars has been developed as a university project with a team of 9 students (me included). You can find the project page here: It is a worms-like multiplayer game that can be used by up to 8 players in one match. BugWars has been released under GPL at Sourceforge.NET.

Semantic Actions with JavaCC

This paper introduces basics of compiler construction with JavaCC and focuses on paradigms of language translation with abstract syntax trees. In this context one-pass compilers, handwritten syntax trees as well as generated tree parses have been discussed.

M+ Interpreter

M+ is a lightweight script interpreter with a bunch of basic built-in mathematical functions. Since M+ is a procedural language there are no classes. A compilable unit consists at least of one main(…) function. You can interpret such a compilable unit as a standalone block of code with some arguments and a result value. You […]

First-Follow-Set Calculator

FFC calculates the First/Follow data of a given grammar. Useful to understand compiler fundamentals. Displays the solution with a step-by-step mode and colors.

Lohnsteuer Calculator

This application calculates the infamous german „Einkommenssteuer“ (Tax) and plots some fancy diagrams. You need Java WebStart to run this application. Click the button to start the application via Java WebStart. You need at least JRE 1.5

Dijkstra Applet

Custom Dijkstra Implementation. There is the possibility to create own graphs with weighted edges in graphical editor.

TSP Ant Optimization (w/s)

This applet shows an ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) implementation that calculates a solution for the TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem). Its possible to iterate over a graph with hundreds of nodes, whereas the exact algorithm stucks with 7-8 Nodes because of NP-hard complexity.

C++ RPN Matrix Calculator

This Matrix Calulator is a commandline based tool which can do some operations with matrixes. It is based on HP’s old but famous RPN (reverse polinish notation) which is based on a LIFO Stack. Ansi C++.

Get through a maze

This applet shows a custom Maze and finds the shortest way from a variable starting point to an variable end point. There is the possibility to modify an zoom the maze on the fly with graphical editor. I used some kind of Dijkstra pathfinding to sove this problem not wit a classical backtracking algorithm.

Turing Machine

This applet shows a simulation of a Turing machine. There is a step-by-step mode, cusom rules and every operation can be watched.

C++ Packet Manipulation on IP level

This C program shows how to sends MAC-spoofed TCP-Packets to achieve various interesting effects. Have a look at the Source Code for the documentation. This shows how to create faked MAC and IP Adresses to inject ACK, SYN or RST Packets e.g.