IPv6 Day

You may reach my blog via the IPv6 internet for sure :-) It has been a long time since the mid 90’s when IPv6 was first initiated. Since then, not much happened. Almost no MNO uses IPv6 on a productive basis, except very very few ones. Even less landline providers make their beta tests available […]

Ministry Of Finance BlackBerry PlayBook App

Last winter holiday I participated the RIM App Developer competition where RIM handed out free BlackBerry PlayBooks to people who developed an app for the new platform. To make the story short, finally I got such a tablet from RIM by publishing the following app … Ministry Of Finance is an intuitive and lean BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Signing Process

This article shows how the BlackBerry PlayBook signing process works using the shell. First we setup the signing keys and the we create debug tokens to run unsigned apps on your tablet.

My new BlackBerry PlayBook !!!

Finally I got my BlackBerry PlayBook. I participated at the „Free PlayBook Offer“ program and handed in an personal expense tracking application. And my app got approved, so I am the proud owner of a PlayBook now :-)