OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

For all you mouse-using maccies .. use this:

⌘+i Shows information about selected object in finder
⌘+⌥+i Shows an static information window which always shows information about the selected object in finder
⌘+⌥+h Hide other windows (except the mot top one)
⌘+shift+3 Save full screenshot to desktop
⌘+shift+4 Save selection screenshot to desktop
⌘+⌥+eject Sleep immediately (not the user)
⌘+⌥+d Show/hide the dock for more available screen area
⌘+⌥+esc Open force quit menu
fn+delete Same as „Del“ or „Entf“ on ibm keyboards
ctrl+F2 Move the focus to the menu bar
ctrl+F3 Move the focus to the doc
⌘+ctrl+d While selecting text, this opens the dictionary
ctrl+eject Opens the sleep/restart/shutdown dialog
⌘+shift+n Creates a new folder
⌘+shift+delete Empty the trash bin in Finder
⌘+shift+delete Deletes the whole line in text editor
ctrl+k Kill the whole line
⌥+delete Deletes a whole word in text editor
ctrl+a Goto beginning of text line
ctrl+e Goto end of text line
fn+cursor up/down Page up and down
⌘+shift+Ö Safari go back one page
⌘+shift+Ä Safari go forward one page
⌘+right arrow Goto end of line
⌘+left arrow Goto beginning of line
⌘+down arrow Goto end of all text
⌘+down arrow Goto beginning of all text
⌘+ctrl+F Fullscreen