Ministry Of Finance BlackBerry PlayBook App

Last winter holiday I participated the RIM App Developer competition where RIM handed out free BlackBerry PlayBooks to people who developed an app for the new platform. To make the story short, finally I got such a tablet from RIM by publishing the following app …

Ministry Of Finance is an intuitive and lean BlackBerry PlayBook app for keeping track of your balance.
Pull your pad out of the pocket, enter your withdrawal or deposits, done.

You can define an amount of money which reflects what you are actually planning to spend. The closer you get to the value, the lower the convenient battery indicator gets.This tool is designed to keep your eyes on these tasks only for a few seconds to not interrupt your important work!

  • Convenient auto-completion when entering a withdrawal, easily tap on previously entered positions
  • Optional access protection using a PIN
  • Make it to your own, customize your theme to fit your style
  • Your data is stored in a local database for high performance even with a large amount of entries

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