Smart Text to Speaker

All my devices are connected through MQTT either natively or through reverse engineered adapters. Some actors, sensors or logic blocks produce interesting events. Some of them I would like to produce nice scifi-like voice notifications virtually making the automation some sort of „notification assistant“. For example if the watering system stopped due to malfunction or […]

ESP8266 and C1101 433 MHz KERUI Receiver

I wanted to include a cheap magnetic window sensor into my MQTT system using ESP8266 connected to WIFI. I came across this nice sensor which emits 433 MHz signals for OPEN, CLOSE, TAMPER and LOW BATTERY. It costs around 6-7 € per piece which is rather low compared to other sensors. KERUI D026 on BangGood […]

MQTT based Leinwand Remote Control

I wanted to make my motorized canvas MQTT-enabled so that it can be embedded into greater automation scenes.  For this I have taken an ESP8266 controller and attached some (left over) relais to it. The yellow cables attach them to the original wireless sender board which talks to the motorized canvas. After connecting to my […]

MQTT brightness device using Alexa Echo Dot

In contrast to my previous posting this code announces an IoT device supporting a brightness slider, basically a lamp using Espalexa. #include <PubSubClient.h> #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> #include <WiFiClient.h> #include <WiFiClientSecure.h> #include <WiFiServer.h> #include <WiFiUdp.h> #include <Espalexa.h> #include „ESP8266HTTPClient.h“ #include „ESP8266httpUpdate.h“ const char* FIRMWARE_VERSION = „1.0“; const char* ssid = „_REMOVED_“; const char* password = „_REMOVED_“; const char* mqtt_server […]

MQTT switch using Alexa Echo Dot

Ever wanted to control your ESP8266’s through Alexa and Echo Dot and build fancy shit? fauxmoESP emulates the protocol used by Wemo IoT devices. Later versions emulate Philips Hue protocol and allow numeric values and allow something like „set value to 42“. Unfortunately 3.0.0 is not compatible with Echo Dot 2nd and 3rd generation. Add ESP8266WiFi, PubSubClient […]

MQTT-enabled (unintelligent) IoT Speaker using Amazon Polly

My home is full of ESPs and pieces of serverside MQTT-enabled bridges. I wanted to enable the network of sensors and nodes to produce intelligent and rich TTS output. Use cases were: Motion detection when blinds are closed should lead to a decent message Summary of door bells during the day including the timestamp TTS […]

A Home for the Printer

I have mounted an Ikea Stuva (35€) on the wall, where my A8 perfectly fits in. Below I have a 10cm room for electronics and stuff. The front is made of 4mm plexi glass. On the left and right side wall a warm white LED bar illuminates the printing room. Of course all plastic parts were printed […]

Maker: Anet A8 MOSFET protection

A8’s mainboard provides no strong MOSFET for controlling the heat-bed and the nozzle. Both components draw easily 15 A through the mainboard and the bed is limited to around 50°. It is important to get these 15 A away from the mainboard, otherwise it will surely burn down some day. I got those 30 A […]

Maker: My Anet A8 3D printer parts arrived

My Anet A8 finally arrived from HongKong. The build time was around 4 hours (parts 120 €) and it is no problem at all if you bring in some patience and tools. There is numerous open source enhancements available on Thingiverse to produce even better quality. Especially belt tensioner, cooler and bearings, the rest is more […]

IoT: Door Bell Hack

This is how I made my standard old fashioned doorbell MQTT and WIFI capable. If the door bell rings, a MQTT signal is emitted on the bus. Other consumers take this signal and trigger actions e.g. taking a photo, sending pushover notifications and some other undisclosed stuff ;-) Basics Take door bell wires, connect to […]

IoT: Hunter Garden Watering Hack

We have installed a Hunter watering system in our garden and after I realized how bloody the original controller is, I decided to create my own MQTT-enabled controller based on ESP8266 microprocessor with native WIFI connectivity. The following controller allows integration of the watering system into your MQTT-based IoT system. A multitude of automation possibilities […]

Remote Packet Capture on iPhone

Step 1: Plug your iOS device into the USB port of your Mac Step 2: Use the Xcode organizer to obtain the UDID of the device # Mount virtuel network interface: $ rvictl -s <UDID> # List active devices: $ rvictl -l # Use wireshark or tcpdump: $ tcpdump -n -i rvi0 # Unmount virtuel […]